Egunsi Food

Classic West African Food

Egunsifoods is a New York base food company producing Ready-To-Heat Grab-N-Go authentic African food, derived from classic West African foods. Made from whole, fresh ingredients, with natural preservatives, and no artificial flavors or added colors. 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free and Soy-Free. Soups can be enjoyed chilled or hot, or use as simmering Sauces for quick meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Authentic West African Dishes

At Egunsi we are creating an opportunity for the public to Experience African Flavors through the food we make. We want to invite you to experience the culture of our West African heritage through our Ready-To-Heat grab-n-go soups, sauces and entrees, or by using Egunsifoods products to learn how to cook West African food that is easily incorporated into your daily meals.

Getting back to our African legacy of Farm-To-Table, we source our produce from farmers locally in New Jersey, Upstate New York and Massachusetts, whenever possible, and partner with farmers in Africa to source their raw materials. Egunsi prides itself on being a brand that helps various communities. Building this brand from scratch, 'Yemisi Awosan knew its success will be reliant on meaningful relationships created throughout the whole process.

Nutritional and Delicious West African Cuisine

our products give you a chance to experience authentic West African flavors with a modern approach. Fresh, flavorful, and colorful, packaged in simple and sleek jars. Our line of soups and sauces are unquestionably good. Try it for yourself and see!