Great taste shouldn't sacrifice good health

Egunsifoods is proud to create West African dishes that your taste-buds will love and your body will too.

Here are some of the benefits in each jar.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Being grain-free means our products can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gluten sensitivity or allergies. Our soup flavoring base are made with real vegetables you will recognize, aiding with the absorption of the nutrients in our soups, your tummy will love Egunsi.



Our vegan products are 100% plant-based ingredients means less environmental damage, less harm to animals, and better health to you. What's not to love?

All Natural

Preservative-free with local ingredients means you'll be eating as you are meant to. All the flavor without the additives.

Dairy Free

Our soups and sauces are 100% dairy-free, and contain no dairy ingredients. A better product for your digestive system.

“Wow, this exceeded my expectations. I thought, how flavorful could a "tomato soup" really be? This was incredibly flavorful with a deeply satisfying and comforting spice profile.  I had this with homemade olive sourdough, a great combo.”


“The groundnut soup is delicious, just the correct spiciness. I look forward to trying all the other soups!”

Robin M.

“I can not get enough of these delicious West African soups. I’d never had West African food before. Now I have it about once a week!"

Azie D.

Get to Know Our New Shipping Policies

We now offer two-day shipping nationwide, at a flat rate of $20. For local shipping in NYC, we provide $11 delivery in just one business day after the order is placed.

Local delivery in NYC covers a 5-mile radius from our kitchen in Harlem, reaching Manhattan East-West, from 38th St. to 204th St. For those outside our current local delivery radius, good news: we’ll be expanding our coverage soon!

Since our soups are not shelf stable, they are delivered in sustainable shipping package to ensure the quality of your purchase (and dinner!).

Additionally, we’re now offering in-store pickup from our kitchen in Harlem. Come by and say hello— if you're lucky enough, you might even get to try our in-house chef’s very own dishes!

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