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What Is West African
Food Culture?


West African Food
Culture Is Soup Culture.

In West Africa SOUPS are versatile in their uses; they are great to be consumed as-is, or for braising, stewing, dipping and more. With this, at EGUNSI FOODS we are redefining what SOUP is, which is in keeping with our heritage of how SOUPS are used.

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People Are Loving Our West African Soups

“Wow, this exceeded my expectations. I thought, how flavorful could a "tomato soup" really be? This was incredibly flavorful with a deeply satisfying and comforting spice profile.  I had this with homemade olive sourdough, a great combo.”


“The groundnut soup is delicious, just the correct spiciness. I look forward to trying all the other soups!”

Robin M.

“I can not get enough of these delicious West African soups. I’d never had West African food before. Now I have it about once a week!"

Azie D.


Featuring our line of frozen West African Mother sauces and soups to create endless Speed-Scratch Meals in 30 minutes that are classic West African dishes or inspired creative recipes!

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