The Best African Comfort Soup for Your Heart and Body

To all of our soup lovers-we hear you! We love slurping through steamy soup on cold nights and sipping on refreshing bowls on warmer days. Indeed, a bowl of hearty stew really makes you feel more alive and energized for the day ahead! 

Obe Ata Soup with Poached Eggs

We put together some benefits of drinking your comfort meals-which helps both your heart and your body:

  • It’s a great way to consume your fruits and veggies: Remember the days when parents had to sneak in bits of veggies or fruits into your daily meals to increase your healthy vitamins and minerals intake? Our African cooking puts your health in mind as we deliver a variety of vegan and meat soup packed with fresh ingredients with classic African cuisine flavors. 

Fun Fact: Our vegan soups contain 75-93% of vegetables, while our meat soups comprise 50% of vegetables! We like to mix up onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, and tomatoes — just to name a few examples! We use natural preservatives, with no artificial flavors or added colors.

  • It can curb your food cravings: We know it’s tough to portion control, but when you add soup to your meal, you tend to eat a smaller entrée alongside it. Our soups at Egunsi Foods can suffice as a standalone comfort food meal. Moreover, you can pair it with a variety of food such as millet, a base for egg shakshuka, jollof rice or white rice, or simmering sauce with vegetables and/or meat served with fufu. As Borghesi’s “The Beans & Grains Bible” shares, you can also pair bean soup with grains to give yourself the perfect protein mix!

  • Soup keeps you hydrated: We all know to drink plenty of water each day. But when you’re consuming soup as a liquid, you can stay full and hydrated. Plus, it gives your immune system a boost since our easy comfort meals are loaded with ingredients like fresh garlic, ginger, organic lemon juice, and more - and everything is quick to heat up!

  • They are easy to cook: At Egunsi Foods, we do all the work for you. All you need to do is heat and stir up your soup choice and enjoy this delicious African cuisine!

Our soup at Egunsi Foods also freezes well, so you can meal prep in advance for days when you’re too busy or just not in the mood to cook.


Treat yourself-you deserve to savor West African food in a snap!

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